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What makes our Grinder unique from others that we have owned or tested is its flexibility and modular design. The TAG-101 has a unique 3 tooling arm slot design that overcomes shortcomings found in many other grinders we’ve used in the past.This grinder is both a Vertical and a Horizontal 2" x 72" Grinder.

TAG-101 Grinder

The Tag-101 is a brand new concept in belt grinders. This grinder is designed to be both a Vertical and a Horizontal grinder.  No longer do you have to be confined by just one tooling arm slot. The Tag-101 uses three different 1.5 x 1.5 tooling arm slots. Have you ever wished you could lower or raise your contact wheel, or maybe desired a Toolrest that was not attached to the same arm that the contact wheel was? Well then the Tag-101 is for you. The Tag-101 was designed using modern state-of-the-art CAD software, laser cut out of 3/16 steel and finished off with a black zinc coating for rust resistance so it’s ready to start using as soon as you get it. This grinder is designed to work with any 56C face-mount TEFC style motor and uses 2x72 inch grinding belts. The toolrest is adjustable in both height and tilt angle.

Wilmont  LB-1000    "Do-it-yourself" Grinder

It's here! The LB1000 is a no frills Grinder that is designed for the "do-it-yourself" person!  This is a great beginner grinder or a second operation machine.

The LB1000 is priced for those who are beginning their journey into the knife making craft. It features 2 tooling arm slots, an easily adjustable tracking mechanism and a sturdy steel construction with aluminum support pieces to complement this sleek design.

Photo to the left is an assembled LB-1000 with the Bolt & Handles Kit (BHK).  The BHK is an optional Kit that can be purchased here, or you can use your own parts!

Wilmont EERF Grinder

Download plans here and make this Grinder in your shop!