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Made in the U.S.A.

Well we got wiped out after the Blade show again this year.

Little buddy grinders will be back in stock on July 1st.

Tag101 Grinders will be back in stock July 15th.

Wilmont Grinders welcome you to our site. We have a few products listed and are adding more as we receive feedback from our customers.

Our signature grinder is the Wilmont TAG-101. It is the showcase of what our years of experience and customer suggestions have allowed us to create.

What makes our grinder unique from others that we have owned or tested is its flexibility and modular design. The TAG-101 has a unique 3 tooling arm slot design that overcomes shortcomings found in many other grinders we’ve used in the past. This grinder is both a Vertical and a Horizontal 2 x 72" grinder.

The TAG-101 was designed, built and tested by two knife makers who both work in the engineering field and have worked together to build a better mousetrap. The construction of the TAG-101 is also a completely new design that provides many more options when grinding knives.If it is not apparent yet why having three tooling arm slots is advantageous once you see a few of our accessories, it will be. As our slogan states, we believe in making a good product, you must "Finish first."

Wilmont Grinders, LLC


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We accept Paypal (credit card available here) or you can mail a check. If you are paying by check, send me an email and I will provide the mailing address and hold a Grinder.

Shipping of products are limited to the continental United States


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