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Knife blanks for sale

We have started a new tradition for this year's Blade Show.  We will introduce our newest design in T-Shirts at the Show prior to providing them available, here, on our website.  The 2012 Blade Show T-Shirt is now available.  If you don't see your size, send an email and an status update can be provided.  Enjoy!

Eat, Sleep, Grind

If you have a passion for Blades like we do, I am sure you can feel the emotions coming from this design! Knife not included!  Thanks to Jason Brous of Brous Blades for providing the image and knife!

Available in Black with White logo only!

Please select your size then click the "Add to Cart" button to process your order.

$19.00 each

Free Shipping in the Continental USA

Wilmont Grinders Logo T-Shirt - 2012 Edition

This year's "Wilmont Grinders" T-Shirt comes only in Black.  You can see the design in the photo to the left.  There is a small Logo on the front of the shirt and a large logo across the back.  Each year we redesign the T-Shirt prior to it's introduction at the Blade Show.  A few are available from last year but supplies are limited.  Once a shirt is replaced, you cannot purchase that design again!
Start your collection today with the 2012 edition.

$15.95 each
Sold out

Free Shipping in the Continental USA

Last years t-shirts SOLD OUT

We have added a new T-Shirt this year with the Wilmont Grinders Logo on the front only as a "Special Only" T-Shirt
Fortunately for you there are just a few of these shirts left over & are now available for purchase.  Chris is wearing a Black T-Shirt with the Red Oval Logo on the front.  There is nothing on the back of this shirt! 

 "Wilmont Grinders" logo on the front of a black t-shirt.  Limited Edition for the 2012 Blade Show

Free Shipping in the Continental USA

$12.95 each

Sold out