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LB-1000 Bolt together kit

It's here! The LB-1000 is a no frills Grinder that is designed for the "do-it-yourself" person!

WIth no more than a 7/16 socket, 7/16 open end wrench and a few allen keys and an adjustable wrench you can assemble this kit in just 20 minutes.  The little buddy grinder is a 2" x 72" belt grinder designed to use a 56C face mount motor.

The LB-1000 can be purchased Now

Little Buddy Short Block kit

$50 flat rate shipping
$650 total to include shipping

Sold out

Little buddy Short block kit.

 Shipping to the Continental USA Only. 

Assembly Manual below

The above kit will still need two each 2" idler wheels, Tracking wheel and lastly a drive wheel and motor. All are available from us or other Grinder vendors online.

LB1000 Bolt together kit +

This is every part needed to bolt together your Little buddy grinder to include all hardware, Flat platten, all wheels. The only part you would need to purchase after this kit is the motor.
This kit sells for $825.
The 5" drive wheel is poly covered and has a 5/8 hole. The Tracking wheel is PVC and the two each 2" idler wheels are aluminum and or poly rubber to be used as a contact wheel.
(Photos still need to be updated on this package)

Little Buddy Long block kit
$825 +
50 flat rate shipping
Sold out

Shipping to the Continental USA Only.

LB1000 Bolt together kit + Motor/Wheels    


This is everything, to include all wheels and motor. Motor is a fixed speed 1800 RPM 1.5HP motor with a 5" rubber coated drive wheel. Tracking wheel is made of PVC and the two each 2" idler wheels one of aluminum and one of Rubber to be used as a contact wheel.

This package will cost $1025.00

Little Buddy ready to roll kit.
$1025.00  +
$75 flat rate shipping.
Total of $1100.00
Sold out
 Shipping to the Continental USA Only .

If your ready and eager to  make knives then this is the kit for you. In less than sixty minutes you can have this assembled and grinding knives.