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Below is just one of the few ways that the Wilmont Grinder can be used.  This setup demonstrates a 5" and a 1" wheel.

If your grinder can't do this, you need a new


To see more photos of the TAG-101 taken by Steve Woods @ Rock River Photo, click here

Photo above is shown using a 80" belt, available in the sanding belts section of this website.

Photo above is shown using a 80" belt.

Some of the photos above show the use of other vendor's accessories in order to demonstrate what is possible and what we use in our current workshop to make knives. If you ever have any questions about replicating what we are doing, feel free to shoot us an email. The last photo shows the setup for profiling a knife using a 5" and a 1" contact wheel.

Three tooling slots open a whole new world of different operations that can be done with this grinder.

Made in the U.S.A.

Our latest production run of Grinders or "grit of grinders" is now available for sale. We have added a few new things to this "grit" to include the 5" Drive Wheel, Flipping Plates, an improved Toolrest and an updated Flat Platen. The Grinder has also been created to allow for an Indirect Drive attachment. All-in-all, the TAG-101 is an improved product that caters to the needs of today's Knife Maker. Enjoy! - January 2012

January 2012

Wilmont Products, LLC adds a new item to its Grinder Accessories Line

A 5" Drive Wheel has been added to the website and is available for immediate purchase. As always, Wilmont provides free shipping on all products purchased from

The new Wheel is designed to maximize the speed associated with the 56c face mount, 5/8" shaft motor. The trademark "Red" color is added during the anodizing stage in its production - not only adding a little flare, but increasing the longevity of the aluminum wheel.

This item can be purchased for $105

Wilmont Grinders made its debut @

the Blade Show 2011 that was held in Atlanta, GA.

Checkout some of the photos from the show in the"Shop Photos" link


"I just got a new grinder yesterday and "WOW" is it awesome. This grinder tracks better than any grinder I have used. It has 3 different slots for putting your attachments on which is very handy if you have as many attachments as I have."
Jim C.

Wilmont Grinders welcomes you to our site. We have a few products listed and are adding more as we receive feedback from our customers.   Our signature grinder is the Wilmont TAG-101.  It is the showcase creation of what our years of experience and customer suggestions have resulted in.

What makes our grinder unique from others (we have owned & tested most) is its flexibility and modular design. The TAG-101 has a unique 3 tooling arm slot design that overcomes shortcomings found in many other grinders we’ve used in the past.
This grinder is both a Vertical and a Horizontal 2 x 72" grinder.

The TAG-101 was designed, built and tested by two knife makers who both work in the engineering field and have worked together to build a better mousetrap. The construction of the TAG-101 is also a completely new design that provides many more options when grinding knives.If it is not apparent yet why having three tooling arm slots is advantageous, once you see a few of our accessories, it will be. As our slogan states, if you believe in making a good product - you must "Finish first."

Our first production run of the Wilmont TAG-100 Grinder - April 2011