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Wilmont Grinders

Built by Knifemakers for Knifemakers

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Flipping Plates

We have been working on the platform on which the TAG-101 Grinder can rest while in use. These plates make it a breeze to go from Vertical to Horizontal mode in just a few seconds. These plates are 3/16" thick and zinc coated black just like our grinder. We have tested this product for over a year and are very happy with the results. We drilled extra holes in the right plate so if you go with your own motor that is longer than the one we stock you will still be OK. Flipping plates come with VFD bracket included.


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Footprint of the Package C (TAG-101)

We have had several requests for the dimensions associated with our products.Understandably, our customers want to know how much space our Grinding machines need within their workshop.

Flipping plates are 26" wide by 20" deep.

Chris's Tips
A flipping plate is not absolutely necessary, if you are on a budget you can still setup your Wilmont grinder as a horizontal grinder and just leave it in Vertical mode. You might get a headache tilting your head sideways grinding this way but this is always a part you can get at a later date. Or do as I did my first year and use 3/4 plywood and door hinges to make a flipping plate.