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We hope this article helps encourage you to build this grinder. The photos below will show the steps in how we built this grinder along with the blueprints necessary to create one of your own, and even DXF files (CAD files) you can email to your friendly steel shop to get a quote to have your own parts cut from 1/2 steel plate.

The tracking wheel, drive wheel and 2" idler wheel for the flat platten can be purchased from our Accessories page on this website.

If you have any suggestions or have a question please feel free to email me at link below

One last note, we had parts 4 and 8 made in 1/16 aluminum to shim the tooling arm box open slightly more than 1.5 inches. If you decide not to get the 1/16 shims made just put thin washers between the spacers when assembling the tooling arm box to help get the box open more than 1.5 inches.

Part 2-1ea

Part 3-2ea

Part 4-3ea

Part 5-1ea

Part 7-1ea

Part 8-2ea

Part 9-1ea


We have had a few customers ask where part 6 is, and we actually combined two parts so part 6 is no longer part of this build. We are in the process of renaming the parts to eliminate the part 6. The files here reflect what the blueprints are, so if you have a question about a said part, look at the blueprints. This grinder will continue to change and evolve as customers make suggestions and improve the design and function so that others after us will have a better grinder.

Let's get to building and please send us photos of your finished build so we can post theme here on this website. Also let us know any suggestions you might have. The below DXF files can be used by any steel shop with a laser cutter or water jet cutter to give you a quote to make the above grinder. Just mail them to your friendly local steel shop and get to building your own belt sander.Good luck!

You have three options below, First option is a zip file with all 9 parts zipped together. Second option is downloading all 9 files one at a time. Third option is to download a zipped file with all 9 parts nested together that requires a 12"x48" of 1/2' steel in order to cut.
If you dont know which to pick, pick the third option and have it cut that way. Only one file to deal with emailing to your water jet or laser company that way.
Chris W.

CAD Files - Free to download (.ZIP file of .DXF files)
CAD Files - Free to download (. DXF files)This file below is all  9 parts nested into a 12"x48" size. This was done by Charles Steffes-Clayton of Atlas knife. Thanks Charles.


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