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Chris' Knives
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Knife blanks for sale
Chris' Knives

Below are a few photos of some knives I have made in the past and some that are currently available for sale. I am not at this time accepting commissions.   My primary goal in knifemaking is to enjoy myself and make what I enjoy using myself, I hope my designs appeal to you also. Thanks for looking.
Chris Williams

Knives for Sale

Please go to below link to see about purchasing my knives.

Knives I have made in the Past, CLICK PHOTO FOR LARGER PHOTO

These are my EDC models, I offer these in many colors and they have 1/8 thick scales.New style of EDC I am trying out.

Damascus throw offs. A throw off is leftover damascus after bandsawing out a profile from a larger knife.

Pocketskinners, Designed for backpocket carry. In kydex sheath it is smaller than a wallet. Also a great necker.1084 Fighter with cord grip handles.

Randam pattern damascus hidden tang with Wraught iron guard. Right side.Randam pattern damascus hidden tang with Wraught iron guard. left side.

File fighter, made from Nicholson files.5 layer damascus.

 Necker that is also a beer opener.Tacticalskinner, really small 5" knife that is 1/4" thick and ribbed on the top spine for great retention.