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15" Tooling Arm designed to host Contact Wheels

Wilmont Grinders has designed a modular system. This Tooling Arm is made to receive any size Contact Wheel (sold separately) using a standardized connection system. The 1/2 x 13 bolt is included, all you need to add is your contact wheel that has 1/2" ID (Inner Diameter) bearings. It's suggested that you keep one of these Arms for each of your Contact Wheels. This is how I attach my 5" and 10" contact wheels to my tooling arm. Use the enclosed washers to space out the contact wheel the appropriate distance. Low profile washers are also included - to be used nearest the bearings on the contact wheel. The below contact wheel arm is aluminum with helicoil inserts for strength. It has been anodized black and after a year of testing I have found it to be as durable as steel but significantly lighter in weight.


Chris's Tips

I personally take the contact wheel I use the most and bolt it to a dedicated tooling arm. My 10" contact wheel is bolted to a tooling arm just like this so its easy in and out of the grinder. If you have contact wheels you dont use nearly as much just bolt them to some 3/4 round rod 3" long and get the contact wheel holder below and use it as a quick change contact wheel holder.

We personally just place the appropriate amount of 1/2 washers between the contact wheel and the tooling arm to get the appropriate offset for your grinder. We also enclose two special washers that go closest to the bearing, because a normal 1/2 washer is large enough to touch the inner and outer race of the bearing. Which is a very very bad thing, the inner race does not move and the outer race does. Don't tie them together using a large washer, or bad stuff happens.

Designed for Contact Wheels

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15" Tooling Arm
For Contact Wheel that attaches with a 3/4" post

 This can be used to make a quick change contact wheel holder as long as the contact wheel is screwed to a 3/4" round bar 3 inches long. Some Bader contact wheels have a 3/4 post and this would work well with that. Switching contact wheels only requires a allen key, This is how I hold my 4", 5" and 8" contact wheels when hollow grinding.

15" Tooling Arm (for post) with Bolt

Chris's Tips

This is how I quick change my 4,5, and 8" contact wheels, using only a allen key. If you need a 3/4 round rod drilled and tapped for a 1/2 bolt to screw your contact wheel to, ask us and we will rush one of a run we are doing for sale here.

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Shipping of products are limited to the continental United States